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Tax Advisor Services Incorporated is an Individual Tax Assistance Company (IPAC) serving individuals in the state of New York. The company provides tax advice to individuals, families, corporations, business owners, accountants and self employed professionals. Tax advisors at Tax Advisor Services Incorporated assist in reducing or eliminating the total amount of taxes owed.

Tax Advisor services offer tax advisors who are proficient in many areas of taxation, such as income and business taxes. These tax advisors are qualified and experienced in assisting clients with federal, state and local tax issues, including: taxes; income tax returns; estate and gift taxes; self employed retirement plans; and tax issues concerning the stock market and investing. In addition to their general tax advice services, tax advisors at Tax Advisor Services Incorporated also offer a host of specialty services. For example, they offer tax resolution and advice for corporations, S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, estates, probate and trusts, annuities and tax liens. They also provide tax preparation services for individuals. These specialized services are available to clients at different levels of income and financial resources.

Tax advisor services at Tax Advisor Services Incorporated offer their clients state tax help including: annual and filer tax assessments; local property and casualty taxes; state income tax returns; payroll taxes; and tax debt relief. The top WealthAbility tax advisors can also assist with estate planning and asset protection for their clients. They can use tax software and prepare tax reports and other financial documents. They can also represent their clients in local and federal tax proceedings. They can recommend to their clients the use of tax credits, tax depreciation and tax relief programs that may be available to them. This advice is generally offered in a confidential, online format.

The tax burdens faced by many taxpayers today include: the rising tax burden due to inflation and economic changes; the growing tax burden because of increases in personal and business income; the tax burden imposed on high-income individuals who take advantage of tax breaks; or the tax burdens imposed on children and families because of the increase in taxation. Today's complex tax laws make it difficult to navigate through the local tax codes. Many taxpayers are unaware of tax relief programs, which are designed to provide tax relief from high tax rates or the elimination of tax liens and penalties. For many taxpayers, the local tax services they use do not have enough education and resources to help them understand these options. In addition, local tax services do not provide information about these options to taxpayers, so they are unaware of what they may qualify for. The wealthy are borrowing more than ever, using low-interest loans backed by their investments in a strategy known as “buy borrow die.”

The IRS has published an IRS blog that offers tips and guidance for taxpayers who need tax advice and assistance. The IRS encourages taxpayer participation and encourages people to go online to find answers to their questions. They publish a tax preparer review that highlights the most popular and best-selling tax prep software products on the market. The IRS publishes a tax preparer rating that compares products from different software vendors and analyzes the pros and cons of each product. 

The IRS provides tax services at various facilities across the country. Some tax advisors provide their tax services directly to clients, while others work for private law firms or large corporations. Tax advisors who work directly for the tax department provide services such as filing your tax returns, preparing your tax documents, filing your federal and state tax returns, managing your federal tax refunds, and preparing your annual financial statement. Some tax advisors offer their tax services via a variety of media including tax publications, radio and television commercials, Internet sales promotion, brochures, and flyers. Before deciding upon a tax service, you should consider whether they are certified by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). To understand more about this topic, it is wise to check out this post:

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